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I know that we're still days away from the beginning of the month, but I thought this would be a good time to drop a few lines, anyway. The Disney marathon has been moving forward at an amazing pace; 23 games are already down, and there's only seven to go before the grand climax.

Get ready for the arrival of the most cryptic bunch of
villains ever seen in a video game.
It's useless to hide at this point that the grand climax is indeed the Kingdom Hearts franchise, the parts of it that I have access to. The idea for the Disney marathon came to me last November, when I was still doing the Final Fantasy marathon, but at that time, I thought it was a bit too large of a project since there were so many games I wanted to review, and eventually did. I didn't want to review Kingdom Hearts as a part of the Final Fantasy marathon, because obviously, something would have been amiss, since Final Fantasy is only one half of the Kingdom Hearts crossover. Now it's nearly ready to be reviewed, and I've waited so long for a good reason to replay the first Kingdom Hearts game and Kingdom Hearts II; now I've got that reason. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories will also be reviewed, and this will mark the first time I'll take on the Game Boy Advance exclusive. I'm not sure what to expect since the gameplay's so different, but I hope it'll prove to be a game of some quality in its own right (I also hope that it will shed some form of light on the confusing, yet irrelevant, plot).

I still get questions about some certain franchises and individual games, when am I going to review them, am I going to review them at all, etc. etc. Even though it might seem I'm not listening, I am, but once more I'd like to remind you that I write by my own rules; I don't keep a wishlist, I only keep THE LIST. However, don't you think that all your wishes are in vain, I do take most "wishes" to consideration. At the moment, I have no idea what I'll do after the Disney marathon, so I might just upgrade those considerations into something concrete, OR follow up on some vague traces of ideas that have come to my mind as of late such as the video game movie marathon; I'm not quite sure how I'll make that one play out, but rest assured, it's coming, at some point, in some form. Considering how much I talk about movies in general, it'd be a crime if I'd pass on that idea.

There will probably be a short break coming soon, I'm taking on Kingdom Hearts with the ultimate goal of completely beating the two main titles and that will take a while. I promise you some long-ass, comprehensive reviews, which will take another while to write. 'Til then, keep on checking the blog, I'm aiming to wrap the rest of the marathon up in just a couple of days.

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