perjantai 13. toukokuuta 2011

Cleaning up the mess

There's a sort of a funny order to the last few reviews, because I had to re-publish some in order to make their tags work again. During Blogger's downtime, some really weird tags were added to them, which I couldn't remove manually, and the original ones didn't work, so I had no choice. Everything's back to normal now, so hopefully there won't be any more of these awkward bumps. Please take note that I've published five brand new reviews today, they are listed as previous entries, after The Magical Quest series and Castle of Illusion.

Hope you've liked the Disney marathon so far. Someone asked me if I was going to do a Warner marathon after this; I don't know about that. I began the Disney marathon as inspired by a certain franchise which will the climax of the whole thing, you probably know which series I'm speaking of. It's still a long way to that, though. Besides, I prefer Warner's cartoons over Disney's, but I can't think of too many good Warner games. It'll come at some point, but not in a long while.

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  1. Maybe you shoundn't do *good* Warner games ;) How much do you value your sanity? Care to try some bad ones?

    I have had a bit of cleaning up on my blog to do as well. I went to make a post today and discovered that one page update and one post I had made just before blogger shit down had been completely deleted! Thank God I had set it as a "scheduled" post or it would have been completely lost? As it was I had lost the most recent version of the post and had to go back and fix a number of things. I probably didn't catch them all. Thanks Blogger for letting everyone know about the shut down ahead of time *shakes head*.

    I've been on the go all week or so and haven't had much chance to catch up with your Disney marathon. I am amazed at your dedication though and will catch up tomorrow night :) You always have some interesting thoughts on the games.

  2. Thanks! :)

    Aaagh... you know, maybe I could re-evaluate that whole Warner thing. It's just so depressive to play bad games that star my fav cartoons of all time... on the other hand, it sounds fun, in a twisted way :)

  3. Well it seems like there would be an appeal to bad video games just like there is for bad movies and television shows. I am guilty of purposefully watching the latter. The only difference is that the bad video games last longer and you have to deal with horrible controls :p

  4. You have a point there. I'll think about it. Oh, and since you mentioned bad movies, I recently found a bunch of movie reviews I wrote about six years ago from my old hard drive, and to my surprise, they were all reviews of movies based on games, and the content wasn't too bad. Maybe I'll do a special feature about them at some point, it's weird that I haven't thought about it earlier. I'll just have to determine the right time for them.

  5. That would be interesting .. especially since I have yet to see a *good* movie that came from a video game ;)

  6. There's always hope :D It's funny how they always look so good in the early stages of production. I liked the first Mortal Kombat movie... BUT I was 11 years old when it was made, heavily into martial arts back then, and haven't seen it since the 90's. Can't wait to watch it and find out the truth.

    I've noticed that Silent Hill is quite decent according to people who haven't played the games!