torstai 5. toukokuuta 2011

Another musical interlude

As the Star Wars marathon nears its end, I wanted to present another song I have listened to more than usual lately to get the proper vibes: this time, "Master of Darkness" by Arjen Anthony Lucassen's progressive metal project Star One (the title card shown on the clip is all f'd up, it's not Ayreon). The lyrics are about Darth Vader trying to convince Luke Skywalker to join the Dark Side of the Force, and Yoda being a total asshole like usual, by firmly believing he will actually do it. "Never trust a Skywalker will I, hmm?"

The song features four vocalists: Dan Swanö (Nightingale, Edge of Sanity) as Luke Skywalker, Russell Allen (Symphony X) as Darth Vader, Damian Wilson (Threshold, Headspace) as Master Yoda, and strangely, Floor Jansen (After Forever, ReVamp) as Princess Leia, a character that isn't really a part of the equation, but it's always a treat to listen to Ms. Jansen sing.

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