maanantai 1. elokuuta 2011

It's August and he's back

Hello everyone, this update surprisingly took a little longer than a week to become true since I was dragged into a World Rally Championship event right after the Tuska festival. I'm pleased to announce that I will get back into the game (literally) tonight; I'm not quite sure what I'll be playing next, but I'm definitely ready to make my return. I have a few things I'd like to discuss before that.

Look dudes, it's the chick
pretending to be Simon Belmont!
"Where's the review for Castlevania
?" Let's ignore her. Maybe
she'll go away.
First of all, my friend finally fixed his PS3, so I at least temporarily lost access to a lot of games I was planning to review in the near future. Since I've reviewed almost every retail game in my own PS3 library and every truly interesting, not to mention exclusive, game for the Xbox 360 I have lying on the shelf there, I have a slight urge to switch back to reviewing whatever I want - mostly retro and handheld games - for a spell. Remember, there are still Mario games I haven't reviewed. Even Mega Man games I haven't reviewed. As crazy as it sounds, a few Castlevania games I haven't reviewed! I'm also yet to review the PC version of Home Alone... ugh. The Monster Mash still has a lot of good source material on retro platforms. Overall, there are a lot of games that should've, but haven't been reviewed. It's so easy to get stuck on playing and reviewing games of a more recent generation, and forget all about what I originally created this blog for.

So, I'm yet again very likely to take a turn to the yesteryears of gaming, BUT the fact remains that I only have a month left to enjoy the Xbox, and there are still a few games there that might spark my interest after I'm finally ready to try 'em. So, a safe guess would be that you're going to see quite a mash-up between retro games and Xbox games during the next four weeks. If nothing special happens (it usually does, as you've seen in the past), this is how the blog is going to be from now on - more balanced between retro, handheld and recent/current-gen games.

As a second-to-last note, I'm once again planning to reinvent the blog's look - upgrade it to 3.0, if you will. I'm once again open to any suggestions, but please, nothing extremely fancy and high-tech. It's not that I'm not capable of advanced editing, but I'm personally more comfortable with a simple, yet neat look. I hate that search bar in the corner, for example. I had to put it up there to ease up navigation, but it doesn't even work properly, as you might've noticed.

VGMania turns 1 in seven days, and I definitely have something special planned for the birthday, an idea I had months ago but haven't found a good niche for it. Making this idea reality will probably take me at least five days in real time, so I'm quite busy with that one too. This blog was born out of passion, now it's time to revive that passion; I promise that vacationing is over.

I'm pretty sure you'll have a pixelated bedtime story by tomorrow, see ya!

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