sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2011

Farewell to Mario

It seems I'm down to my final four games directly related to Mario. There's been a lengthy break because of the nature of the current game on my plate, but I'm sure a review of it will be done in just a couple of days. It's been a fun ride with Nintendo's one true classic. As I said before, though, this will probably not be the ultimate end. There are still a few Mario games I'll probably be ready to review at some point, but no major ones. All games that I've had the will to deal with, have all been dealt with. Kind of sad, really. However, Mario's spirit lives on for another little while as I take the logical step back to the Donkey Kong franchise next. I'm expecting a ball. As usual with marathons, I will give you another rundown of the whole Mario franchise once I'm done with the four games.

What else... this is my first day at my new workplace. I'm very excited, and downright terrified. I'm lucky to have a wonderful human being telling me everything will be all right and totally counting on my great success. I guess I have to take her words, who knows what she'll do to me. Anyway, there's a YouTube link below that I have looped for two days straight to prep myself - "Stand Up and Fight" by Turisas, one of my favourite bands at the moment. If they're coming to a venue near you, do yourself a favour and go see them, regardless of your musical taste - you will not regret it.

One last thing - I have to return the Xbox pretty soon, so for now there will probably be no more Xbox reviews. However, I must say that I will miss the damn thing. I've grown attached to the controller which I once hated, and there are a few games lying on that shelf I regret not reviewing. I'm pretty sure Microbuck$' favourite child will make its return some time in the future, but probably not any time soon.

I'm off to the laundry house, and come this afternoon, I can be found walking around in central Turku with shaky feet and soiled pants. More Turisas to calm my nerves...

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