sunnuntai 17. huhtikuuta 2011

VGMania v2.0

Talking is over, I've finally managed to make some notable changes to the blog. Thanks to friends and readers who've pointed out some nuisances, keep 'em coming. Here's a list of things I did apart from changing the logo, which I already did a couple of weeks ago:

1. Added a search bar for exclusive use. Just enter the title of the game; if I've written anything about it, you'll find it.

2. Changed all generic headers to something that fits the theme. You readers are now "Enlightened Ones", named after the ancient practitioners of magic in Chrono Trigger, in case you're wondering where it comes from. Enlightened Ones in the game are self-absorbed a-holes, but I don't feel that way about you - it's just a good name, I think, so don't take it personally. ;)

3. Want to read reviews of games for specific platforms only? Added platform tags to all the reviews, they're listed on the right.

4. Cleaned up the archive. It's the same thing, just in compact size.

5. Removed additional blog entries up to a certain date. Some of them were really obsolete.

6. Left my MSN address on my profile. It's better that you either send your e-mails to the address from now on, my official mailbox is bursting as it is. If you're being decent enough, you can try adding me on MSN if you want to discuss something relevant, or just flap your gums for the fun of it.

7. Working on an FAQ. It should be online very soon, and you'll find it in the "Contents" section on the right.

2 kommenttia:

  1. I really like the platform tags. They make things much easier to navigate :)

  2. Cool. :) They also obviously make it easier for me to keep count of the reviews I've done for each platform, and in general. Why didn't I think of doing this before, I wonder... well, better late than never.