lauantai 23. huhtikuuta 2011

The Force is still with us


First off, I'd like to say it's the warmest springtime in history down here in lovely Finland, I've been worshipping the sun for the past week and taken the time to catch up with some old friends some of whom I haven't talked to in years. I've been playing less and as you can see, writing at a slower pace. Taking into account the size of my future projects, it just might be my pace will become even slower in the coming weeks. Thought I'd give a heads-up.

Cue heavy breathing.
There's been some sort of a misconception, in the case of at least one person. The whole purpose of the Star Wars marathon - for me - was to somewhat extend my knowledge of the Star Wars universe beyond the scope of the six movies and a few random novels. For the third and last time, there is no proper order to reviewing Star Wars games. In other words, I'm not reviewing them in chronological order. I'm not willing to give you the details on the subjects of the upcoming reviews, but there's still a total of (at least) eight games left in the Star Wars marathon, it's not over. I've been trying to place the rest of the games into a somewhat sensible order. Those eagerly following the Star Wars marathon simply cannot know what to expect next. In theory, I could go back to X-Wing right now. Or Jedi Knight. It's just a theory, though. The point is, I'm not done with Star Wars just yet. As a matter of fact, I think I'm heading into the better part of the marathon now that I'm done with the direct movie licenses! "This is where the fun begins."

It's something like +15 Celsius outside, so I think I'll take a little stroll, perhaps also into the nearest local bar to "cool off", and I'll take on the next game come sundown. Can't make any promises about my schedule, but I'll get cracking as soon as possible.

May the Force be with you.

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  1. I say enjoy the warm weather while you have it. While y'all have been getting warm, sunny weather; we've been getting tornados and torrential rain one day followed by 90F temperatures and sunny days the next :p Hopefully you've atleast had some kind of conistancy.

    While you're slowing down the pace a bit, I'm in the process of trying to finish up research and start paper writing. That means that my own RPing has slowed down (not stopped! We all need research breaks)until these blasted 20-30 page papers are finished. I think that with the seasonal changes taking place that everyone is dealing with extra busy schedules for the next few eeks :)

    I have been really enjoying the Star Wars posts by the way, even if I haven't had much chance to comment. There are so many Star Wars games out there and I've only played a mere fraction of them. Once I finish playing Mass Effect 1&2 I have KOTOR hanging out in the wings and hopefully I can finally have a chance to play that completely. One game I always wanted to play but somehow managed to miss was Shadows of the Empire. I read the novel, but there was so much that went into that project with video games, comics, books, music, etc.that it was pretty impossible to experience every aspect of it at the time.

    Enjoy your fun in the sun while it sticks around. The pictures I saw of Finland's winter this past year made it look pretty freaking cold and snowy. You deserve a break from all that.

  2. The past winter was indeed off the charts, even on our personal scale. You can't possibly imagine the cold, I tell you. It's a good thing I pay my electric/heating bills on time. The weather's been quite consistent, it's only rained at nights and there's been one single cloudy day.

    Thanks again! Actually the only Star Wars games I had played before I began to plan the marathon (about the same time I started the blog), were Star Wars on the NES, all three games in the Super Star Wars series, and The Force Unleashed (and well, Lego Star Wars on the Game Boy Advance). Even if some of the games included in this marathon are crap, I can't help but somewhat enjoy even those experiences since I feel like I'm becoming a bigger Star Wars fan with age. I've been having a lot of fun even in the darkest moments of the marathon thus far, and I think the most fun is still ahead of me - like I said, I'm just getting started.