keskiviikko 27. huhtikuuta 2011

Updates on a couple of you-know-whats

I'll keep this very brief.

I'm sure all of you, even those who don't own a PlayStation 3, have read the news. For the first time since the late 90's, I'm thinking of jumping ship - from Sony to Microsoft. Hacking's one thing, but allowing the slightest chance (0,0000000001%) to hack a major network and having the nerve not to admit a critical security breach to customers are bigger crimes in my opinion, and those were Sony's crimes. This is just an opinion, I hope to discuss this issue rationally on the boards today. Anyway, I'm playing it safe, and I'll anull and replace my credit card tomorrow. I advise you do the same thing.

I'm having some hardware problems which have lead to further delays in the Star Wars marathon. I'm thinking of saving the one delayed game for last, to keep the pace steady. The review is well underway, though, so it might be possible to get it done after all. In any case, you'll be seeing the next review during the weekend, I guarantee it.

2 kommenttia:

  1. I'm very happy at the moment that I have never had cause to have an account with XBLA or PSN. That said, I agree that there is no excuse for leaving your netswork so open to hackers. PSN is are a videogame company for crying outloud. If they wanted, they would have PS fanboys falling all over themselves to test the PSN's security. Paying a couple of tech savvy individuals to purposefully exploit their system would have cleared up weakness like this ages ago.

  2. I've settled down with this issue a bit now that I heard that they're compensating with free DLC and a free PlayStation Plus subscription/extension for a month. I'm not jumping ship, but I'm far more careful with personal information and buying on credit from now on. I might switch to PSN gift tokens altogether, now that the local GameStop _finally_ has them.