lauantai 23. maaliskuuta 2013

And the next marathon is about: ...!

I had a few random loose ends to tie up, but seeing that I have a few whole days of spare time on my hands, I might as well get started with the marathon I mentioned while doing the God of War: Ascension preview. As I said, this marathon will be the biggest yet, so God damn big I will probably have to split it in a few different parts. Back when I did the Star Wars marathon, which will be continued at some point later this year as part of the "loose ends" scheme, by the way, people were wondering how in the hell did I muster up the stamina to run through 25 games. I followed up by doing 33 Disney games - and the Disney marathon has some loose ends to take care of, as well. Well, now I have a total of... are you ready? ...49 games to review. The number might go up to a whole 50 next week, if GameStop still has the one game I'm particularly looking for in stock - money isn't an issue right now. No, this ain't the long-expected Warner marathon - it's coming, but not right now. Dungeons & Dragons? No. EA Sports? HELL NO. As good as these guesses are - well, perhaps with the exception of EA Sports - I think you'll like this one much more. The theme for the next marathon is:

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics, known in the early days as Timely Publications, and later, Atlas Comics, was founded by Martin Goodman in 1939. The name Marvel Comics derived from their first magazine, the first issue of which was published in October 1939, and introduced a whole cavalcade of short-lived characters, but also the Human Torch, who was later heavily altered and made a member of one of Marvel's most known superhero groups, the Fantastic Four. In 1941, Marvel introduced their first true stalwart: Captain America. Today, Marvel Comics are known from introducing us to dozens of legendary superheroes, such as Spider-Man, the X-Men, Daredevil, Thor, Iron Man, and antiheroes such as Hulk and the Punisher.

My earlier statements about Marvel Comics' supposed inferiority to its long-time rival Detective Comics have not been intentional. I love Marvel Comics, and I hope to bring that to your attention with this huge marathon I came up with while watching the first Iron Man movie. For the record, I hate most Detective Comics - it's just that my love for Batman overshadows my love for the whole of Marvel Comics. Seeing that (most) Batman games have already been dealt with, I think the time's been perfect for quite a while to bring out the rest of the cavalcade of superheroes who made my childhood, and at their best, continue to make my adulthood as well.

I hope you'll enjoy this trip as much as I certainly will. There is a certain order I will do these games in, pretty much determined by the lead character, and I will start with Captain America. Right now. Stay tuned.

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