torstai 20. joulukuuta 2012

Never say never again... right?

The one game which I've
spent the most money on this
year, and which continues
to have my support through
rough times.
The day before yesterday, there were three 007 games to go. Now I regret to inform you there are none; due to several different problems with both software and hardware, 007: Quantum of Solace, 007: Blood Stone and 007 Legends (all for the PC) are left out of the equation. I'm handing out a request for copies of all three games for either the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, so if any of my friends are reading this and have missed out on me doing a 007 marathon, give me a call or message me. So, that was it, for now at least. I'm a bit bummed out by it, since despite the bad reviews, I would've definitely liked to try Legends, at least. But, at the same time, I'm relieved and joyed over the fact that I can get to work on the subject of my earlier decision; bringing the franchises back, all the way from the humble beginnings of the blog. Batman, Mega Man, the Belmont bloodline, even Mario... they're all coming back in the following weeks. I'll not be so strict about it, so this isn't a throwback marathon - I'll do whatever I feel like doing in the between. Hell, I've logged so many reviews that even those random reviews that I feel like doing will close some chapters.

Logging reviews brings me to another subject, my game collection and the forum for it, which is VGArchive. I've brushed some dust off that eternity project and right now it seems that week 2 of 2013 is the perfect time for me to finally unleash the final (or should I say, merely complete) version of it. As I promised around these days last year, I'll publish the update my collection has gone through during the last year right here on the blog, and I'm starting work on this gigantic entry today. I'm certain I won't finish it today, tomorrow or even the day after that; I've been up for 30 hours straight, and I'm working for the whole weekend. But, it will certainly be online by, or on, the day after Christmas day... assuming the world will live on after tomorrow. ;)

So, just in case I won't return before next week's VGCollection update, have a very, very, very merry Christmas, and stay away from any holiday games. Especially Home Alone. They usually tend to suck. I'll be back next week, with one mammoth of an update and of course, pics of my "new" treasure.

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