sunnuntai 25. marraskuuta 2012

Looking back and going there

"I say we're growing every day, getting stronger in every way
I'll take you to a place where we shall find our roots, bloody roots."
- Sepultura

My queen.
I'm sorry about the vagueness of the last update, I was in a hurry. Now I have a few minutes to spare and continue where I left off. So, I got a "new" console. Actually, I didn't get it quite yet, and it's far from new; my girlfriend went and bought me a working NES unit for Christmas, bundled with a bunch of mystery games. I love that girl. I wasn't supposed to find out about this purchase of hers, but she has a tendency of leaving her e-mail wide open on her laptop (she bought it from an online auction). Of course, I couldn't shut up about discovering her scheme, but she made it clear that I'm not getting to polish that treasure before Christmas Eve. I guess VGArchive will have to wait a while, 'til I know what games I'll be getting.

Bragging about how much more awesome my girl's than yours, and how much more awesome this Christmas present is than your Wii U, is a perfect intro for what I'm about to lay down. That Sepultura excerpt, too, although I hate Sepultura. It's all about the roots.

Same old song, maybe. But that song is "Bloody Tears".
Enough said.
The year's been seriously tough on this blog, and on many occasions, I have wondered aloud whether it would help to go back to where it all started, to the roots of inspiration. Well, now I'm finally going to grab the bull by the horns and take the blog back to those roots. I have one more God of War game to review, then the 007 marathon, and from there on out, we're going to tie loose ends as long as there are some left. Classic franchises: Mega Man, Castlevania, Metal Gear, Metroid (Super Metroid has been there in wait for follow-ups for who knows how long, it was the first review I ever wrote). Even Donkey Kong and Mario, who were supposed to be completely dealt with, will return in some capacity. Of course, the recently halted Legend of Zelda marathon will come to a head in the near future as well, it's as much of a loose end as the rest of 'em. Also, there will be late updates to some of my most exhausting marathons such as Star Wars and Disney. And, what would a loose end killing spree be without going into some games that I know to have absolutely no potential to be worth the media format they're printed on? Finally, I have lots of interesting marathons in mind for next year. None of them involve any recent releases, but I think some future releases will inevitably end up being hyped to hell and back on these pages, and taking up a lot of my time. Nevertheless, now I have a clear plan where I'm going for the first time in months, and I think it will be a fun trip, a reminder of what made blogging great in the first place.

I don't think I'm doing anything "special" for Christmas, except for a collection check (VGArchive will probably still not be in a viewing shape by then) and I think there'll be one truck of an article on the NES for some odd reason. Other than that, I'll stick to writing reviews, hopefully lots of 'em. The final count on the 007 marathon stands at 12 titles, released between 1985 and 2003. So, go see Skyfall if you haven't already - even if you're not much of a Bond fan, you will probably enjoy the movie - and get ready for some hardcore 007 nerdiness, right after I've finished with God of War: Ghost of Sparta, thus taking care of that loose end.

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