lauantai 17. marraskuuta 2012

007, VGArchive and more

Hi everybody!

So, the year 2012 is coming to its end on this blog, meaning there are no more big releases to first draw a lot of attention and then leave a long pause at their wake. I've recovered well from the Assassin's Creed III slump and while I am replaying some more or less recent games right now - Dragon Age II in particular, I'm attempting to plat the game and I'm not too far off either - I think I'm ready to get back to work on what I've promised, and what's long due. They're separate things this time around.

I was browsing through the X-files of my blog archive and I was kind of disappointed in myself when I found three incomplete, and naturally unpublished reviews. Saved them up on my hard drive for further research and eventual completion. There were also a couple of unfinished DLC Guides there, which means I must've really suffered from a severe writer's block a few months back - I usually love doing those, even more than I love doing reviews. Well, but all of this is up for a rain check - I promised to deliver you some James Bond and that I will, starting next week.

Iconic. Iconic.

I have a wide array of 007 games of different nature, for different platforms, at my direct disposal. This makes the 007 marathon the most interesting marathon for me to write since Star Wars and Disney a long while back (in case you haven't heard, those two things walk hand in hand nowadays... blech). Although 007 Legends would be the perfect game to cap off the marathon, it's too new (read: expensive) and it hasn't piqued my interest enough to find its way on my shelf. Even the newest game in this bunch is at least ten years old, which means I will follow up on the retro theme faithfully - although not by intent.

I've been asked about VGArchive, why it's looked like ass since I announced to have created it, and why updates stopped turning in several months ago. I've never liked the look of the site (I didn't have a problem with it when I was writing the material, though... happens all the time), and I have spent some small hours in recent weeks with the intent of completely redesigning the whole site to a much better look, and moreover, a complete site equipped with everything that's supposed to be there. I'm currently transferring my review backlog to the archive, which is one of the final stages of this new design process - in other words, you might see VGArchive in all the glory that was always supposed to be, as early as next week.

Oh yeah. Today, my console collection grew by one, and my game collection by ten. I'll proudly spill the details at a later time. :)

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