sunnuntai 12. helmikuuta 2012

VGTune of the Week : Ninja Gaiden, Act 4-2

This one's literally the "tune of the week", 'cause it has played in my head all week long with such a volume that I even converted the metal version of it into my cell's ringtone. This song was composed by Keiji Yamagishi, exclusively for the NES version of the classic arcade game Ninja Gaiden (1988), which became known as Shadow Warriors in PAL territories - and was also the only Ninja Gaiden game of the original series that was officially released in Europe. The game is one of my favourite 8-bit cult classics of all time, although notoriously difficult - a trait which has carried over from generation to generation, all the way to the critically acclaimed third series, which is about to have its third official installment. It has good music, too, throughout, but nothing stands out more than this bombastic track from Act 4-2, of which there are many remixes available on YouTube - but user eman3624's (also known as "Benevolent Demise") metal version is one of a kind. So here are, once again, the original 8-bit version of "Act 4-2" from Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden, and the best available remix of the tune.

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