sunnuntai 26. helmikuuta 2012

VGTune of the Week : The Best Is Yet to Come

I haven't felt much like playing lately, or doing anything else that would require some brain activity besides my day job, which might explain why I haven't made any progress with the obviously pending/ongoing Ninja Gaiden marathon. I'll try to "get a grip" as soon as I can. At least there's VGTune of the Week to keep the blog on level weekly - and this time, I felt like I should lay down a ballad. It really fits my mood, and it just might be the best original ballad to be spawned by a video game. Rika Muranaka's "The Best Is Yet to Come" debuted in 1998's Metal Gear Solid, and made another key appearance in 2008's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, in one of the most brilliantly written and executed gameplay sequences ever. It was one of the first truly memorable vocalized tunes to be featured in a video game, and it hasn't lost one slight bit of its edge in the last 14 years, which makes it the first VGTotW to have absolutely no need for a featured remix. Ladies and gentlemen, "The Best Is Yet to Come".

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