keskiviikko 1. helmikuuta 2012

33 days left

Anyone who's been reading this blog for the last couple of weeks is sure to know what I did there. This entry ain't about it, though - see, I called it it, just to refrain from flooding the whole blog with its name. This is just a regular check-up on my activities. What seemed an eternal promise and not much else at first became reality just before the end of January - the first reviews of the year, with a modified layout. Surprisingly, there's been no feedback at all, not via comments or e-mail - well, I take it that silence is acceptance. What I didn't inform you of in advance is the total elimination of the voice cast and trivia sections outside of the reviews; I just felt there's no more use for them. If you want to know more or less interesting factoids about the games, check out IMDb or MobyGames, or whatever's your pleasure. They've got plenty, and I never could offer you much more than them. The only reason I hung on to the trivia section for so long was my personal infatuation with trivia.

"Nothing makes sense. An explanation would be
nice." Does Assassin's Creed: Revelations answer
our burning questions? I don't know yet.
I began this year with a quite obvious bang, it was just a matter of time before I'd delve into the Uncharted series, and I can tell you in advance that now it's finally time to delve into Desmond Miles' latest, and at the same time, Ezio Auditore da Firenze's final adventure - Assassin's Creed: Revelations. This review is turning out quite different than I first expected; I'm not giving you any of my thoughts on the game in advance, but you should stand prepared for a quite insightful, long, and perhaps surprising review. It will probably take a while to surface, but I assume that while won't last more than a week.

After I'm done with stabbing necks and getting my brain crapped on by Ubisoft's conspiracy theorists - for the next year or so - I'll see what I can do about the state of the Top/Bottom lists, and then, I'll try to deliver you as much reviews as I can before the release of it, which will most likely put me out of commission for at least a couple of weeks. It's possible you'll even see some minor retro dip this month, I've had a few games give me that certain spark as of late. But, before I go promising too much as usual, I'm backing off and going on with the business at hand. Cheers.

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