maanantai 2. tammikuuta 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ...Sorry I'm late.

So, 2012. Apocalyptic bullshit will have to find yet another way, as the world once again failed to end. Due to an exceptionally booked New Year's Eve and yesterday's continuous electrical malfunctions, I wasn't able to wish you a Happy New Year earlier. But, as I always say, better late than never, so... Happy New Year!

Game Revolution's "Report Card" on
Skyrim. Click to enlarge.
Thus begins what I have already hyped and somewhat warned you about, the third year of VGMania. Perhaps less reviews, but all the more business. Also, I have had some thoughts of completely revamping the reviews, all the way from the layout to the ratings system. Although I'm pretty sure a change won't come along just yet, don't be surprised if it does at some point. I think a +/- system used to describe the game's qualities in better and worse (used by Game Revolution, among others) would fit my style of reviewing games better than the current numerical ratings, but on the other hand, I've always liked the latter more as a reader. I'll consider the options and get back on the subject at some point in time.

Anyway, it's finally time to break the silence and start reviewing games. This year begins with a couple of DLC reviews - I need a soft landing after weeks of rest, after which I will take on a very prominent, successful trilogy of games. I believe the first review will be done by tonight.

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  1. Happy third year! I like the idea of a +/- review system and think it would fit you. The only question, is how will that fit into your current top/bottom 50 lists?

  2. That's exactly the problem... I'm thinking I should at least keep the conclusive ratings intact as they are. That seems like it would solve the problem...

    ...BUT, as I've probably explained in the past, the orders of the lists are managed by tallying up the average between all the ratings of a single game. For example, Mass Effect 2 and God of War II are both rated 9.4. The average of all the rated qualities of Mass Effect 2 is 9.5, while God of War II's is 9.3. That's why Mass Effect 2 is ranked higher on the Top 50 list.

    And there, the problem hits me back like a boomerang; I'm not getting rid of the lists, that's for damn sure. Though it's making things rather difficult, the system would definitely suit me. With some good planning, I think I'll be able to make everything work.

    What I forgot to say here is what I've noticed in the last year, is that single qualities of modern games are very hard to rate, and that is the main reason why I'm seriously considering of turning the system upside down, and why I want to make this thing work. Glad to hear you're rooting for it.

  3. Well if you can make it work, I think it would really fit your style. You could, of course, always keep your current lists intact as an archive of sorts and then start over with a new rating system. It would be too much of a pain, after all, for you to go back and re-score the massive amount of reviews you currently have under your belt to fit the system.

  4. Indeed! Even the thought's giving me the wildest creeps.