torstai 24. marraskuuta 2011

This is NOT a hiatus.

You can start counting the days 'til Batman
I've been logged off for the past ten days, and once again, I've been asked if I've started to give up on the blog, by my friends of all people, since they know I'm very much into a whole bunch of games at the moment. That's exactly why I haven't had time to publish anything. I'm working on no less than six HUGE reviews at the moment, and desperately trying to find time to squeeze a few more of those previously mentioned random games in between, keep my girlfriend happy and my paycheck in order. Also, I'm replaying a few favourites, as well as some games I might've not given enough due in the past. Skyrim beckons next month (it's a Christmas present), and that game will eat up so much of my time that I'm deliberately trying to get some Christmas reviews done in advance.

So, this is NOT a hiatus, I am playing games and I am writing about them, there's just nothing ready to be published at the moment. I'll try to put out a few minor reviews in the coming week, and I guarantee that December will be huge. Short, high-profile marathons, some favourites that are long overdue for reviews, and hell, maybe a few Christmas surprises. More details will be revealed later.

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