sunnuntai 27. marraskuuta 2011

The most awesome X-mas of all time...?

I seriously think I'm heading to my favourite holiday season of all time. Let me tell you why.

I've already told you that I'm planning on getting myself a few games for Christmas; it appears they don't necessarily have to be PlayStation 3 games, though. You see, I've also told you on numerous occasions that my PC sucks ass in just about every God damn way. It's not just a very incompetent gaming platform, it just simply doesn't fulfill any of my needs anymore. It's slow, unstable and old. The DVD drive is completely fucked up, I can't even get the hatch to open anymore. The whole computer emits an enfuriating, loud noise every time I turn it on or off. The battery is completely dead, meaning that even though this is a laptop, I have to plug it in if I hope to use it for more than a minute.

Yesterday morning, I just lost it. The repressed hate I have for this piece of shit just erupted for no particular reason, and I logged on to the website of the mail order company I get most of my stuff from due to their very fair terms of payment, to look for a new laptop computer. Well, I got more than I asked for right off the bat - there was an offer, right there on the frontpage, which I just couldn't refuse. In two weeks, I'll not only be the proud owner of a brand new computer, I'll also be the owner of the newest version of the Xbox 360, which came as a freebie on the laptop's side.

It's still coming. And it finally matters to me.
Me finally giving in to Microsoft means great things for the blog's future. There are still many great games I've never paid a lot of attention to since they've been locked away by Microbuck$. I can play Mass Effect 3 with my one and only Shepard once the game comes out. Hell, I don't even have to buy a lot of games, since nearly all of my best friends own an Xbox and vast libraries of different games. The reviews of Xbox games I wrote in the summer were more or less of a special feature, now they will become a solid part of the blog; and, with a new computer in tow, I can finally get into some more recent PC games, too. All hail diversity, the diversity some of you have been demanding for so long.

Now, it's time for me to start blasting the final reviews of the month and get ready for a December to remember.

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