torstai 10. marraskuuta 2011

For the love of everything random

After yesterday's update, I decided I should probably lay off traditional marathons for a short while. What's up is a sort of a marathon, but there's no common thread to the games besides being picked at a complete, utter random.

You see, THE LIST is divided into two categories: video game franchises, meaning franchises I have more than one game of, and the rest. Up 'til now, I've mostly clashed through the first category and let the rest be, although there are many, many games in there I'd like to review. So, I numbered the games - by using a very simple tool, I'm not enough of a database nerd to have done it manually - and for at least the next few weeks, I'll be using's random number generator to lay down the law. Even I cannot foresee what hidden gems and the complete opposite are to come. I think this will be exciting, interesting, different and kinda frightening, all at the same time.

I have (the first) twenty games lined up, and I can tell you right now it's a mixed bag like no other - that's the glory of all random things. You're safe to expect a rollercoaster of genres and conclusive ratings, a few obscure movie licenses, and a few totally forgotten games in both better and worse. Time to get to work.

EDIT: Oh yeah, you all know what day it is. Happy 11-11-11, everyone - especially fans of The Elder Scrolls.

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  1. Happy Skyrim Day! I went to the midnight release and Huzzah! I runs on my computer. Well, barely ... but it runs still.

    Btw, I for one am all for a non-marathon :)

  2. That's all great to hear :)

    For some odd reason, I haven't been able to reach any of my friends today... and what's even more odd is that all of their Facebook statuses have the word "Skyrim" in them... hmm... ;) I was supposed to get the game today myself, but I think I'll wait a few months, I've suddenly hit a financial block.

  3. I had the game pre-ordered and paid it off little by little at the store over the period of about four months. That meant that I only had to pay $9.00 (what was left) on release day. If I had been doing it all at once, I would be waiting as well. since I've started Mass Effect 2, I'm not really letting myself get too involved in skyrim yet (priorities!) but it's nice to say I played it day of ...