torstai 2. kesäkuuta 2011

Struck by the June bug

Ay-o! Summertime is finally here on an official basis and I'm all fired up for summer festivals and all the things that usually go with my summers. These things will probably keep me from writing the blog to some extent, you could call it a summer vacation... IF I wasn't willing to write reviews even in the summer. Everyone has dry spells, I can't think of a better way to moist them up than writing the blog. So no actual vacation for me.

First things first, the Kingdom Hearts II review is coming. I'm about 15 hours into the reviewed playthrough (my third altogether). If my calculations are correct, the review will be done by next Tuesday. I still have no idea what I'll do next, but when I do, you'll be the first ones to know. I have been cooking something, though, there are actually three ideas in my head for the next marathon runs, but whether those ideas will come to fruition now or much later, is a whole other thing. We'll see once my hands are empty of this heart/darkness/Nobody/Heartless madness.

It's a match to the death of my bank account.
Since I didn't bring any of the following up earlier, I will do that now. You see, I can afford to buy one single full-priced retail game this year, since I have to invest in the summer festivals, as well as a new TV, and perhaps even a new computer. For the longest while, it's been very clear to me that my choice is going to be The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PlayStation 3, but ever since L.A. Noire was released, its reviews have surpassed even my high expectations of the game and I want to have that game so bad that it's become a serious contender to Skyrim. All those lucky people out there who've played L.A. Noire, make your voice heard, and tell me is it worth ditching Skyrim and my original determination?

The playable demo for inFamous 2 was released "today"; of course, it would've been out a lot earlier if it wasn't for the well known security breach that crippled PlayStation Network for over a month. I just finished it and I must say I'm very pleased with it; however, I do not believe it'll be such an improvement over the first game that it has been made out to be ever since it was originally announced. As I played it, I once again realized that I still haven't reviewed the first game, although it's been my intention for ages. I think that if I get inFamous 2 in my hands during the summer, I might finally deliver. Right now, I have no good reason to dive into the inFamous franchise; the memory of the first game is still a bit too fresh in my mind.

Finally, one thing I've been asked concerns the Monster Mash; will it continue, and will it be any time soon? Yes, it will continue, BUT I might be saving the second round for Halloween, we'll see about it. It might continue sooner than you think, it all depends on my inspiration, or what's left of it after finishing the Kingdom Hearts II review, which will most likely be very long.

But hey, have a great summer, everyone, and I'll see you next week if not before.

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  1. I WOULD say "Skyrim hand's down" but then again from what I have seen of LA Noire I can see how that would be a good purchase for you. I suppose it depends on if you are looking for a game you can actually finish or not. While Elder Scrolls games do have a main quest you can finish (or not even play as it were), they do not actually have an end screen. Basically you can play it as long as you want until you say you are done. With the vastness of its world and an active mod community that can literally be hundreds of hours if you are really into your character. That play is very self-driven though so if you are wanting something that is formatted to lay out the story for you (as we all sometimes do) then LA Noire would probably be the better option.

  2. I could look at it this way: I have two Rockstar games in my PS3 shelf, and only one Bethesda game. Hmm.