torstai 23. kesäkuuta 2011

Midsummer madness

This weekend: the inevitable fate of every
copy of every Bubsy game ever made.
As some of you surely know, this weekend we celebrate midsummer here in Finland, and I'll personally celebrate my 27th birthday (which is still 11 days away, in reality) which means I will be completely out of action for a few days - hence my extremely long, latest gaming session with the goal being finishing and reviewing the phenomenal Mass Effect 2. I think I've never consumed that much coffee during 24 hours. I hope you liked the reviews. The game broke into the VGMania Top 15, and was the first game to do so since the original version of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, reviewed in February. A great big round of applause to BioWare.

I don't know how often you check out the Top and Bottom lists, but anyway, I fixed it some a couple of days ago. Before, all games sharing the same conclusive rating were in alphabetical order, which of course was stupid and unfair. So, I remade the lists with averages calling the shots. If two games share the same average as well, they are ranked by playability alone. If they share the same playability rating, I just go by personal instinct - the last resort, and I haven't had to use it so far.

The title of the next game or franchise in the "X-Thon" is still hidden behind a layer of smoke. I had something in mind, but now I'm not really sure of it because of the limited time I have with the 'Box - I can't do a full marathon of the franchise I had in mind. I have all the games I need for a respectable marathon, but clashing through the first ones might take a little too much valuable time away from me and the 'Box. Still, it's the most probable option; I might flush my principles this one final time, just review the games for the 'Box for now, and the earlier ones at a later date.

Also, upon finishing Mass Effect 2, I have been "granted permission" to borrow, play and enjoy the one game that defines the Xbox's occasional exclusive greatness for me on a personal level. I won't get my hands on the game before Tuesday or Wednesday, so it's the less likely choice for the next review. However, a review of the game is coming, as soon as possible. Actually, I've already reviewed a part of it, while just watching my friend play it.

See you next week, people! Don't rightly know what's coming, but I'm sure it's something good.

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