torstai 19. toukokuuta 2016

So it begins... again

Work on five new reviews to reboot the VGMania blog starts today, and will hopefully be done by the weekend. My style of reviewing games has changed quite a bit during these last couple of years, so no more waiting for 50-page write-ups. I'm concentrating a bit more on whether the games are good or not, than blabbering on and on about less essential stuff.

This line-up of five I've got on the plate is nothing short of a perfect new start. We've got a trilogy of games outside of my former comfort zone - some of the first of their genre to be reviewed here - which is kinda exciting; a game that I was supposed to review some years ago and which is a quite hot topic right now - which is a total coincidence, by the way; and finally, a brand new game that rounds out a previous marathon and which I'm really eager to spill my personal beans on. All this in just a few days.

I haven't found the time to work around the old reviews and a whole new layout for the blog just yet, but I've got a short vacation - as well as a transfer to a more comfortable workplace - coming up in early June, so that period's my best bet.

Thanks for tuning back in, my stats are looking swell.