tiistai 7. kesäkuuta 2016

Health issues, new systems and general jib-jab

Five of my newest reviews - and my first public ones in almost two years - have been online for some time now, and I'm working on the next bulk as I speak, but first I'd like to tell you a little about what's been going on these past two years. So, I originally quit - without close to any notice - because I had kinda lost faith in my talent, and not only that, but I was really busy at work and preoccupied by all kinds of other stuff. That "other stuff" soon turned out to be a whole array of symptoms related to manic depression. I was officially diagnosed in the fall of last year, and this bitch I was dating at the time took full advantage of my mental condition and made my life a living hell for a few months. Things came to a close when I finally got this new apartment of mine after months of trying - one month without a home altogether - and with her out of the picture, I could focus on the main problem; my psyche.

You could say I've returned to the roots of this whole blog - I started this whole thing back in 2010 to vent out my frustration, it was therapy of sorts. However, now I'm also doing this because I've been told I'm good at this, and simply because I like it. Now that I live further away from any downtown temptations, I've been able to save up some money, and my hobby of game collecting has grown to some epic, borderline ridiculous proportions. With that, I am proud to welcome three new systems to the fold: the Wii, the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. Yes, after all my harsh words towards the Wii family in particular, I've finally jumped on the wagon, and found some AWESOME games along the way. Thanks to the Virtual Console services and the 3DS' seamless backwards compatibility with all versions of all Nintendo DS games, I am able to produce reviews of just about anything one could possibly think up. There were Nintendo DS reviews before, but I dared not review anything truly good without having a genuine DS system for my gaming platform. ...And yes, this means Mario is coming back at some point, and this time there might actually be some masterpieces left to review. Even reviewing the Metroid Prime series is now a very solid possibility, now that I've finally broken out of my FPS-hating shell, and now that my mind is generally open to just about everything. Oh yeah, and before I forget: last Christmas I got myself the best Christmas present I could ever get myself, in a new SNES system. I've already bought about twenty games for it, I simply love that machine - it seems like the ten years I spent without a SNES never happened. After all, I have two of the most important games of my former SNES collection - Chrono Trigger on the Nintendo DS (best version of the game, by the way) and Super Mario RPG on Virtual Console. My physical SNES collection includes gems such as Secret of Mana, Super Metroid, Super Castlevania IV, the whole of the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy, SimCity, F-Zero and whatnot. Let's just say that I've often cursed at the games I've sold at some point of my life - there aren't many of those left. I might still be struggling with manic depression, but as far as my favourite hobby goes, I'm quite happy with how things are at the moment.

As for the next reviews, I really can't determine a schedule. I'm on vacation right now, sure, but it's a very short one and I thought to take care of some more important business as far as this blog goes, and that, I think, is the layout. I'm also down with pneumonia - or rather the aftermath - which requires me to keep up a steady resting rhythm. Also, I'm moving to a new workplace next Monday, and I'm kinda stressed out by that - mostly in a good way. Anyway, reviews are coming, and once again, I think it's gonna be a blast with some choice cuts from Wii U and 3DS included. Classic Wii games will have to wait for some time, since I don't have a remote/nunchaku combo just yet, but they are coming too, sure as shit.

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