perjantai 4. tammikuuta 2013

Processing command 2013

As "tradition" goes, I'm in to wish you a Happy New Year, a bit late!

Three years ago, John Marston starred one of the
finest games and most unique experiences 
of the last decade. How are the game and the
Legend of the West holding up in 2013?
It's good that I didn't do so earlier, 'cause there's been a mean streak of bad luck coming my way for the last week and some. There have been some good moments, too, definitely, but mostly I've been dealing with tax problems, and closer to "this" home, with hardware trouble that has kinda forced me to rethink my schedule with all the upcoming throwback. I was so pissed off of not being able to put the first reviews online on New Year's Day that I just turned to good old Red Dead Redemption and I've been hacking it to pieces for the last couple of days, aiming for the 100% for the second time. Well, now I'm off to work for a couple of days, to get those tax office's bloodhounds some more of my hard-earned money to steal, but starting Sunday, material will start pouring in. I've already figured a place to start as far as the reviews go, and somewhat inspired by Red Dead Redemption, I might start doing a new type of recurring piece that'll not be tied to weeks or months like the previous ill-fated ones - it's wholly based on inspiration. I have plenty of already reviewed games I replay from time to time, and until now, each game has been a different experience than it was back when I reviewed it - even earlier games, that I used to play a lot as a kid. "Looking Back at..." is something I originally talked about in the aftermath of Mass Effect 3, and with Red Dead Redemption underway, it's starting to look that much more like reality. But, it's still at the early stages of planning, so I can't do a full introduction just yet. You can rest assured, though, that if I do it, the whole Mass Effect trilogy will be on the plate sooner or later, and that'll be one huge epic.

VGArchive is still also on my to-do list in the coming weeks, but since I still haven't started putting the pieces I've already done together, I can't promise anything else besides "it's done when it's done". As I said earlier, next week is fine time for me to do a number on this mammoth, but talking about unleashing was perhaps a bit too early - perhaps. We'll see.

Anyway, have a nice weekend and tune in on Sunday for a few treats... or tricks?

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