lauantai 10. joulukuuta 2011

Another day at the office...

My office has changed a bit, as you can see. I didn't plan the pic to turn out this way, I really am replaying Mass Effect now that I finally have the chance. That's right, my new computer and Xbox 360 arrived yesterday, and both are working perfectly... yet there are some things that bother me about the latter product.

My new PC is a monster. I already tested a few recent demos and it seems it's perfect for running whatever I throw at it. Hitting the computer every five seconds just to be able to advance to the next site while simply surfing the net not being necessary - it takes some getting used to.

My new Xbox, on the other hand, is constantly showing me more signs of why I (used to) boycott Microbuck$. First off, the new user interface is ugly and confusing; it took me hours to figure out how to simply change the desktop theme. I already knew that since this particular Xbox came as a freebie on some other product's side, it's the newest model which is smaller and makes a hell of a lot less noise than the original, it's got integrated WLAN and automatic Kinect support, it had to be missing something - a hard drive. Initially that was fine by me, since I don't plan buying any games in the near future which require installation. Actually, I got the wretched thing because of the Mass Effect trilogy, to secure the future of my dear Commander Shepard. Then it hit me.

It's obvious that I can't download any DLC without storage space for it, but what's not so obvious is that not only do I need the original saves from my friend to be able to import my Shepard to Mass Effect 3 when it comes out, I also need his Xbox, and a hard drive - apparently neither Mass Effect 2 or 3 accept imported save files from a memory unit, or imported save files from a different Xbox. I get the feeling this kind of confusing shitbreak was intentional on Microsoft's behalf. I'll figure out a way to keep my Shepard alive - I must. The first step is to get that damn expensive, Xbox-exclusive hard drive, which I'll not be able to purchase before next month. I think I'll get myself a copy of Mass Effect 2 around that same time (it's something like €15 at the local GameStop), and place a pre-order for the Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 3, if any more copies of that extremely popular giant box are available at that time.

Anyway, all excessive, mandatory spending which was never the case with the PlayStation 3 (even  the simplest, static desktop themes from the Marketplace cost Microsoft Points!), I'm glad to own the Xbox 360 - if for nothing else, at the very least for my access to a wide variety of games due to almost every one of my homies owning the damn thing. Also, I'm really getting into my second round of Mass Effect, as a renegade female. She's definitely up to a fine start as my alterna-Shepard for the rest of the games to come.

As for the "December to remember" I promised, it's still very much on - I'm working on a couple of reviews. Perhaps there will not be very many reviews this month, but they're definitely big games which deserve time and thought - "quality over quantity" is this month's motto.

Remember to tune in to Spike Video Game Awards tonight, I'm heading to a friend's place to watch the live stream in a few hours.

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  2. Wow, go you! I need a new monster of a PC eventually, but with a backlog like mine, it's probably just as well that my PC is a dinosaur. Enjoy Mass Effect on the PC. I can't remember, did you play it on the PC last time or the Xbox? I've heard that the PC controls (which I actually enjoyed) were head and shoulders above the console's.

    As soon as this blasted semester is over (this coming Thurs) I, myself, will be back to playing again. I began ME2 a while back but then classes (again got in the way). I look forward to no more classes ... ever. It's so much easier to work in game time when one is only part of the work force. Juggling multiple jobs and graduate school is possible, but I would not recommend it to anyone.

  3. I played Mass Effect on Xbox, just as this time around. I have all BioWare games on the PC just waiting to be unzipped, though (a little Christmas gift from my friend :) ) I'm very eager to get started with the PC version of Dragon Age, so perhaps I will return to Origins once more by ways of review. We'll see.

  4. If you are interested in modding in weaponry (or skipping the Fade at the Circle tower!) let me know. I can hook you up with the mods for that. I didn't mod my version very much, but somethings, like the inability to break open locks, bothered me enough that I used a mod. The glories of PC gaming :p

    Oh! The last entry in Meriel's ME1 story is FINALLY up. Thank God that classes are over. ME2 entries start this week.

  5. That "skipping the Fade" part DOES sound intriguing!

  6. And, of course, I'm looking forward to your ME2 breakdown.

  7. When I get off work I'll post the link here. It is potentially buggy so you want to save before entering the Fade, but I've only had it bug out on my once right before the fade demon. Basically it takes you directly to your companions, then to the level boss, and then back to the tower. What was once hours of play becomes a half hour of play. The only downside is that you don't get all the power-ups hidden throughout the Fade, but I deem that an acceptable trade off.

  8. Here go! It's called "Skip the Fade."

    You may need to create an account to d/l the file since it is a large file, but it is totally worth it. Plus, the nexus sites are a good series of sites with a good rep.

  9. OK, thanks, I'll keep that in mind once I get started with DA:O. Might take a while.