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Happy 36-days-'til-Skyrim Day!

The headline doesn't really relate to this entry that much, I just couldn't come up with one and a Facebook friend of mine just updated her status with this very fit-for-all statement, so I went with it.

Sebastian will have to wait for another
night in the spotlight.
Once again, I have a few things to discuss. I've just finished the most epic review of the year - what makes Dragon Age II epic is the fact that it's part of the Dragon Age franchise, though. There, another insult. In all seriousness, the series of Dragon Age reviews is still missing something; it's still not complete. Of course, I'm speaking of DLC for Dragon Age II. I wrote a review of Awakening back in the day and also the DLC guide for Origins, it's only logical that I would give the sequel the same treatment... and I will, but I can't do that yet since I just recently bought the game. I only have The Black Emporium which came bundled with the new retail (actually, it wasn't new - the previous owner just hadn't redeemed his code), and the premium equipment unlockable via the BioWare Social Network. It'll be a while, probably a lengthy one, before I can afford all the other stuff, but I assure you the DLC guide is coming as soon as possible.

Whenever I write a big review of a single game or bring closure to an epic marathon - I actually think I did a little bit of both just now - the big question always seems to be what's next. As I said before, this was an intermission of sorts and I'll keep on taking care of some loose ends like I did with Mario and Donkey Kong, at least up 'til the end of the year. The next few loose ends will be of a particular sort.

It's October. That means Halloween is coming up soon, and for me and this blog, that paves way for another obvious return of the Monster Mash - more precisely, The Loose Ends Edition. I have quite a few games lined up for this insurrection, including some that have been a long time coming, and ones that have been in the news a lot recently. Once again, this "Halloween special" ranges from 8-bit games to the current generation; I'm still figuring out a good order for the reviews, but that shouldn't take too long. I'm getting on the first game's case later tonight, after I get home from work - I have a day off tomorrow. Perfect time to do some monster-mashing and whipping my critical tongue.

I'm also planning something a little bigger and more recent for the holidays, in the same vein I nailed Red Dead Redemption last year. Do not get your hopes up about The Elder Scrolls just yet. I'm getting Skyrim just like everyone else on the planet, but I think doing an Elder Scrolls marathon without Oblivion would be kinda dumb - it's the only Elder Scrolls game I don't have in my personal collection.

See you in the weekend, remember to dig out those pumpkins already!

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  1. I have Skyrim on pre-order (I want the physical map the pre-orders come with), but my computer won't be able to run it yet :( Thankfully I have a massive backlog of older games vying for my attention.