perjantai 8. heinäkuuta 2011

Some brief, excellent news

This month is taking a more spectacular form every day. After two years and eight months of unemployment, I've finally nailed a job! After about a hundred job interviews, I went into one expecting nothing the other day. They said they'd call back in "three weeks", but they called back in two days instead, and said I made quite an impression just by being myself. Not only will I finally get to do some work that pays off, I'll also finally be doing a job that I have education for! Yes, I do feel awesome!

So the question remains: what will happen to the blog? The answer is: absolutely nothing. It's business as usual. Of course, starting from the first week of August, I will naturally cut back on the reviews, but I don't think it'll be by such a lot. After all, I've been on the road a lot lately, sometimes for days, but still managed to keep up a relatively tight pace. I just wanted to share my joy with you guys.

There's a big review coming up, perhaps even in just a few hours. Stay tuned.

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