tiistai 1. lokakuuta 2013

With great power comes great frustration

Fuck off, it doesn't work. And it's your fault.
This is my last Grand Theft Auto V-related update before I'm finally ready to move on.

So, played GTA Online yet? ...Lucky you! I've been trying to log on all day to just one short avail. I was able to create a character and try out the solo session - the "story mode" of GTA Online. Well, the game crashed five minutes into the session, so "trying out" really isn't the correct way to describe the "experience". Despite all the hype and even a countdown I set up on my phone's calendar towards the launch of GTA Online, I think I'll let it rest for a while, until Rockstar finds a way to work around the countless problems reported from around the world. They always do, unlike many of their peers. I think the time has come for me to let Grand Theft Auto V rest a while as well - only the most consistently frustrating bits of the franchise stand between me and the 100% mark. Those, of course, being the stunt jump challenges and the new plane stunts, which are pretty much the same as the last, you just need a plane for these (duh...)

There has never been a better time to let GTA rest, either. About a month ago, this local guy opened a record store just around the corner, and I heard from a friend that he sells some games too. Well, not just any games. There's a "game room" inside the shop, where customers can go and sit all day, playing classic games on the NES, SNES, the Nintendo 64, the original PlayStation, Genesis, Dreamcast, just to name a few - and all those systems are for sale. He sells hardware and games for the price of eggs - I dare not to buy new hardware at the moment just because of my personal lack of space, not even a SNES as much as it hurts me to make a pass on that, but I stop by every once in a while to browse his collection of games. In the last month, I've bought five NES games, all of them of at least decent quality, for a total price of just under fifty euros. He just posted a pic on Facebook of 28 of his most recent additions, and I'm definitely going back tomorrow. There are quite a few games there I used to own as a kid (StarTropics is a fucking classic!), or seriously wanted to own as a kid (Little Nemo: The Dream Master). I can already smell my NES collection growing by noon tomorrow.

Here's the most important bit of this update. I was doing a lil' bit of budgeting (is that a disease or sumthin'?) yesterday and figured that not one, but two games are released next month, with just a week between them, right around the time I should be doing the Halloween Monster Mash. So, doing the Monster Mash as planned is a no-go - instead, I will start doing it right now, and it'll end by October 25th. Since I already promised to break in the three new systems next, I will have to change the list of games for the Mash as well; I believe there's something on each of the three systems that fits the bill.

Finally, the Marvel marathon will continue by the end of the year - or rather, it will be briefly rebooted, then continued. A couple of games from Marvel franchises previously dealt with have come up during the last month, I think it's better to get back in touch through those games before carrying on with the new ones.

There have been a lot of questions about other past marathons which may or may not have been "completed" back in the day, such as "Will there be a Disney marathon, part 2"? The answer to that question is a definite yes, and I think it will come sooner than expected - I actually have Disney reviews finished and ready to go on my computer, I just haven't figured out the right niche for them. One guy - who obviously is quite new to this blog - recently asked me about a Warner marathon, which I have mentioned numerous times in the past. That one's also been under some serious consideration as of late, since it wouldn't include too few or too many games, it would be just right for a month-long marathon - but right now, at this moment, my blog-related priorities lie in the final releases of the year which I have any thought for, the Monster Mash, taking care of loose ends, and somewhat revamping this lot. Thanks for the suggestions and support, anyway, and here's to hoping you'll enjoy the Mash - to me, it's always a hoot.

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