perjantai 13. syyskuuta 2013

77 hours to go...

The time has come to retreat a little, get myself in the proper gear and prepared for the video game spectacle of the year. One can always _try_ to doubt Rockstar Games, but as the release of Grand Theft Auto V draws close and critics all around the world more impatient to unleash their takes on the game, I'm as sure of the game's omnipotence as the next guy. I'm working on a couple of reviews which will both be online by tomorrow night, but after clock strikes midnight on Monday, I think you can safely expect at least a week of perfect silence. Perhaps a few photos from the GameStop midnight launch though, if I happen to run into some friends - probably will, judging by the crowds that had gathered to pay up their pre-orders in advance yesterday.

I'm making some progress with all sorts of redesigning, and VGArchive's new root design is done. I've once again changed the link on the right, feel free to check it out. Pre-ordered games are already included as always, and there's a new feature in the form of Graveyard, which is a collection of games I've parted with and would like to have back on the shelf. I'm working on detailed game pages at a random pace, I'll be sure to highlight any changes on the top of the page as soon as they're ready.

RPG Time! ended up dealing with a total of five games, one of which wasn't as much of a review as it was a retrospective. I'm a bit disappointed, but one and a half months really wasn't enough for a truly epic marathon with the schedule I've burdened myself with since the last 'Time, I should've acknowledged that right away. Between everything I've got planned - picking up where the Marvel marathon left off, for starters, and I think I should get started with the Halloween Monster Mash early since there are ten games lined up for that at the moment - I think you're going to see a couple of more RPG reviews in the next few months. There's at least one prolific genre game that should've been reviewed a long time ago, but I never had the chance. Now, with the introduction of the three new systems I mentioned the last time, I do, and I'm playing that particular game right now. I'll have to push the review back, though...

...Just like everything else, 'cause in 77 hours, shit gets real. Grand Theft Auto V is out for early birds, and even if I can't be absolutely sure that it's the best GTA ever (I'll know for sure ten minutes into it), I am positive that whichever type of masterpiece we've been waiting for the last five years - or three, if you count Red Dead Redemption - we'll have it. It's the biggest, most ambitious and visually stunning Grand Theft Auto experience ever, and writing a credible and satisfactory review will take a lot of time. I don't expect to have any extra hours on my hands between the game, my girl, and work (damn that one to hell!), so I sincerely don't think you'll see much of any sort of updates before I've at least come close to finishing the single-player campaign. Here's a cool video before I go - a reminder of what Grand Theft Auto CAN be about if you're not too serious, and how glitches can sometimes be outright hilarious. Have a great weekend, I'm off to work (I mean it, damn it all the way to hell!).

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