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VGMania: Year Three

Some of them have already been reviewed. Some will still
remain untouched come year four. But some of them will
make the count. During RPG Time!, anything is possible.
Thanks to unexpected hardware and connection problems, I'm a bit late with this update. But, by mere coincidence, this is actually the date I published my first reviews three years ago; I remember spending the first five days pondering whether I had the balls to publish them or not. So, in any case, VGMania is now three years (and five days) old. According to tradition, I will go over what I've done over the past year in numbers, but that's it this time, since there's not enough good and/or diverse Q&A material, and I have a lengthy entry which I need to focus on underway. So, enough jabbering.

Happy birthday, sweet child o' mine.


During this period (August 7th, 2012 - August 12th, 2013), I have reviewed a total of 80 games, which equals to 3 more games than last year, but still only 0,22 reviews per day (ouch!):

7 for the PC

11 for the Nintendo Entertainment System
11 for the Nintendo Game Boy
11 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
3 for the Nintendo 64
4 for the Game Boy Color
11 for the Game Boy Advance

4 for the Sega Genesis

1 for the Sony PlayStation
2 for the PlayStation 2
2 for the PlayStation Portable
7 for the PlayStation 3

6 for the Xbox 360

In addition, I have written 2 DLC Guides, raising the total number of reviews written in the last 12 months to 82.


This was a bad year for the PC, as the lowest-rated "game" Mario Teaches Typing got a bombing review of 2.0, and even the highest-rated game The Amazing Spider-Man got only 6.9.
Average: 4.5

The good old NES did a little better, despite getting only two chart-topping reviews - of which the clear winner was (a bit surprisingly on my personal account) The Legend of Zelda, with a rating of 9.1. The lowest-rated game was Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters, with the humble rating of 1.4.
Average: 5.5

The original Game Boy was on display a little more than in earlier years, mostly due to its wide array of Mega Man and Marvel games - but the average rating for the legendary handheld didn't get any better. The highest-rated game was Mega Man IV with 8.8, and the lowest-rated game - by far - was Iron Man / X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal with 1.4.
Average: 6.3

My favourite gaming apparatus of all time - the legendary SNES - suffered some of its worst blows thus far, which means the average sunk to an all-time low, but also finally got one of its best games reviewed. The highest-rated game was, of course, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with an awesome rating of 9.7. The lowest-rated game was Spider-Man - the most horrible game I suffered during the Marvel marathon - with 2.0.
Average: 5.1

The Nintendo 64 got a decent average as usual, maybe 'cause I tend to review very few N64 games per year, and they're usually important pieces of larger puzzles. That's exactly what happened this year - the highest-rated game was Spider-Man with 8.4, and the lowest-rated game was 007: The World Is Not Enough, with a rating only as bad as 6.0. I promise to dig the N64's darkest depths some time in the future - this can't go on.
Average: 7.5

The Game Boy Color got its very own review section this year, but only four games were actually reviewed, and none of them were exactly great. The highest-rated game was Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six - a hat trick in winnings from Spidey - with 7.0, and the lowest-rated game was... drum roll... Spider-Man, with 5.8.
Average: 6.3

The Game Boy Advance was under some major fire the last few months, and I've got to say that without first-party titles or remakes backing it up, I wouldn't have been surprised if the average had went down a notch in the process - but actually it went up. The highest-rated game was 007: Everything or Nothing with 8.0, and the lowest-rated game was The Incredible Hulk with 3.5.
Average: 6.6

If I somewhat promised to purposefully lower the N64's average, I promise to purposefully raise the average for the poor Sega Genesis. Another subpar year for the very first 16-bit mammoth, however somewhat ironically the year of the most positive Genesis review thus far, and with only four games reviewed, the average is actually not that bad at all. Mega Man: The Wily Wars got a high rating of 9.2; in turn, the lowest rating of 4.9 goes to James Bond 007: The Duel.
Average: 6.6

I was struggling to remember the only PlayStation review I did the whole year, and remembering it made me regret I didn't do another one. International Track & Field with its low rating of 4.4 utterly sunk the PlayStation's average after two strong years (9.1 in 2011 and 8.3 in 2012).
Average: 4.4

The two parts of the Ico collection formed this year's PlayStation 2 presentation, so technically, there were no PlayStation 2 reviews at all. However, I'm always trying to look at these games as what they were, so they count. Ico got 8.5 and the critically acclaimed Shadow of the Colossus still didn't scratch my butt gently enough, so it got 7.8 in a "fit of blasphemy".
Average: 8.2

Just as above, the two parts of the God of War Collection Volume II formed this year's PSP presentation - which will very likely be the last. God of War: Chains of Olympus proved to be as full-blooded as they come and got 9.0 - the same rating as God of War and God of War III, mind you, although it's all relative - while God of War: Ghost of Sparta was a bit tired and got only 7.8.
Average: 8.4

On to this generation. PlayStation 3 once again beat Xbox 360 to a near-bloody pulp with a couple of exclusives, but one of them admittedly backfired some, and multi-platform titles did damage on the average. The highest-rated - in this case, DOMINATING - game of the year was The Last of Us, with 9.5 for a conclusive rating. The lowest-rated game was the lackluster Silent Hill HD Collection with 6.5.
Average: 8.1

The thing with the Xbox 360 is, that it doesn't have outright fantastic exclusive games (TRULY exclusive games) which the PS3 has a whole abundance of. Alas, I have found that Xbox 360 games are easier to find and usually cheaper than their PS3 versions, so I end up buying a lot of games for the system, and naturally end up reviewing these versions as well. (To answer one of my mailbox questions right now.) The highest-rated 360 game of the year was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with 9.4, and the lowest-rated game was the horrible Xbox LIVE Arcade rendition of the original Track & Field arcade game, with 4.5.
Average: 7.7


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