tiistai 23. heinäkuuta 2013

The third approaches

In just a couple of weeks, this little juvenile underground gaming blog of mine turns three, and I thought to give you some insight on what's about to happen, at this very point; as to if there'll be some sort of special celebration, and after a bumpy, extremely inconsistent year such as the one I've had - a relatively pathetic amount of reviews and great ideas that never came to be - one might think that this is the blog's last birthday. Well, it's not - I've decided I'll keep writing as long as I'm interested in video games, and that's probably going to be one long while. You could say that the blog exists as long as I do, regardless of my pace of writing reviews.

I've been going over some updates from the last 12 months and picking up stuff which I once was very eager of doing, but which I then just forgot. Well, I've already told people what's going on with the Metal Gear special "off screen", so I just might've forgotten to make an official statement on the issue: I was very disappointed with how my long article on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain turned out. I decided not to write any more stuff about the game before all facts about it are in the clear, and with that, I also decided to postpone all the Metal Gear-related stuff I had already worked on, because inevitably, I would start babbling about The Phantom Pain and make hasty predictions way too early. That's just the way I am.

The next Monster Mash starts on Halloween week as always, but this time, I might actually stretch it a little, all the way to the end of the year if I feel like it - there are a lot of loose ends there to take care of, and individual games I've been wanting or even planning to review for a long time.

After dealing with Spider-Man and one Marvel superhero who has a "few" less games with his name on 'em than his webslinging colleague, I'm going to take a break from Marvel games, since there is absolutely no way I'm going to wrap up the whole thing before the 3rd, and after almost twenty Spider-Man games, I think both you and me have deserved an indefinite break from Stan Lee's seemingly endless amounts of intellectual property. September 17th marks the arrival of Grand Theft Auto V - what to do in the meantime? Can anyone spell R... P... G...?

I've smoked for 16 years, and been a _heavy_ smoker for 11. Me and a good friend of mine had a chat about quitting, and I told her that this far, long and immersive role-playing games have proven to be the best solution for keeping me from smoking, for as long as eight or nine hours at a time (I usually smoke one per hour). I was serious too; this happened on my first playthrough of Fallout 3 back in the day, and I wasn't even planning to quit. I just didn't feel like smoking, it never crossed my mind. Now I'm seriously thinking of quitting, and I've laid before me a whole pile of role-playing games as the most potent medicine. So why not take advantage of the situation and go for a good old-fashioned RPG TIME! before 2013's most anticipated monster of a game comes out?

Now there's an appetizer for ya. Stay tuned for the rest of Marvel - Part I.

EDIT: Shit, I almost forgot: after months of giving a million different drafts the trashcan treatment, I'm going to upload a simple version of my game collection to my website later tonight, or tomorrow night at the latest. The link previously labelled "VGArchive" is labelled "My Game Collection" from now on. There's nothing there as I'm writing this, so the link's not broken.

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