maanantai 10. kesäkuuta 2013

The summer of love (for games)


Despite all of my best attempts to make time for the blog, this year's been very dry thus far, especially these last few months despite a well-deserved holiday, which I've enjoyed for the last three weeks. Although there's a lot going on outside of the gaming scene in my life, it's mainly because I finally discovered Skyrim in the spring, and I've spent a lot more time on that game, and that game alone, than I ever believed to. The second reason is that just about every plan I've made for the blog lately has hit some sort of snag - they're still on, definitely, but they keep pushing back all the time. I'm behind my schedule on the Metal Gear project (as in having enough time to complete some essential games that I want to make a part of it), and the Marvel marathon stands absolutely still 'cause I'm utterly missing two or three games I originally wanted to have for this marathon. That's the reason for the most recent reviews which might've seemed kinda random and surprising. I won't make any promises on what's coming, but I can definitely assure you that the pace is picking up, at least for a few weeks leading into the summer festivals and my 29th birthday, and hopefully some time after that.

Here's what I'm getting. Looks quite
damn worth it.
The following weekend marks the release of what's already been dubbed "the Citizen Kane of video games", Naughty Dog's PlayStation 3-exclusive The Last of Us. I have a special edition placed on pre-order at GameStop - but, unfortunately, I will not be able to provide my own take on the game as fast as usual, due to another promotion at work taking effect on the very same day and probably sucking up all my energy for a few days to come. The review of this highly anticipated spiritual successor to the Uncharted trilogy will hopefully be up next week, and I'm already counting on this game to restore my respect towards this console generation, therefore pretty much restore my joy of writing about more recent games. It's very hard not to count on this game, just check out the reviews. Tens everywhere, wow - even though that has not always been a good omen. Take Naughty Dog's previous huge game, for example. Still - and this is my final word on the subject for now - I trust the game to rock. The review will be up A.S.A.P., I'm trying very hard to get something squeezed in before that.

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