torstai 2. toukokuuta 2013

Then came the first days of May...

...And there were probably a couple of guys and gals wondering what the hell's going on with VGMania. The blog was even utterly offline a few days, and there hasn't been a slightest update or review in weeks. To be honest, I don't know what the hell went down with that offline shit. I checked in one morning to read my e-mails - which I don't do nearly as often as I should - and Google claimed that someone from Hong Kong had attempted to hack my account. Whether this was true or just a technical error as they always are, I was furious when I found VGMania to be wiped clean, and left wondering how long the blog had been in the complete dark - a week or two had passed from my previous update and I hadn't logged in after that. Well, I hope that you didn't give up on the account of just one random occasion you couldn't gain access to the blog.

To put it all simply, and into one single sentence: I've had a lot to do. And (there goes the single sentence), I will continue to have a lot to do, for a period of time that is currently very hard to define. No, this ain't another declaration of a half-dead hiatus, but this ain't a promise of a review or two in the next couple of days, or even weeks, either. I have daily commitments beyond the usual scope, as I've recently returned to making music. A couple of months ago, the vocalist in a local band I like decided to leave the band after four years of service, and the guitarist - a friend of mine - asked me if I'd like to come for a try-out, and here we are. I'm not an official member of the band, at least not yet, but the future's looking OK, and I'll do my best to not cloud it up. But, that's not the real reason I've been so quiet, and it's not women either.

If things get this bad, I'll worry. For now, I'm OK.
Ironically, the main reason for the hold-up is a game. A single game. Believe me, you will know everything about this game - or at least a lot of essentials - and my opinion on it when I get things rolling again. The Marvel marathon is still a long way from the end, I have the Metal Gear material to attend to, but I have played this one game so vigorously and thoroughly for the last couple of weeks that I can't bear pushing its review for a later date. I'm actually going to begin work on the review today, but I can say for certain it won't speed up the process at all, it only helps me to jot down everything I want to say about it. Hell, I could've begun work last week, and the review still wouldn't be done. It's funny that I bought this game on a complete whim just a few weeks ago with no immediate desire to go at it, and now I'm 103 hours (!!!) in, there's no end in remote sight, and I'm still enjoying myself! Yeah... I think you know which game I'm talking about, there's no need to mention it by name. I know it's only May 2nd, but the only thing I can promise with complete certainty is that the review of this game is coming _this month_. I'm trying to squeeze some Marvel reviews in the between, I really am. I have a burning desire to write _something_ - it's not my fault the main project's so damn big. :)

In the last brief bit of news: the PlayStation, the very original model of the nearly 20-year old legend, is returning to my collection, courtesy of a friend who was actually planning to throw the thing away, with a little over ten games along with it. I couldn't stand for such debauchery, so I quickly stepped in after reading about his evil plan on Facebook. God bless that social porn site. Also, I got an original print of Lost Odyssey for the Xbox 360, found from a freakin' flea market, still in wraps, at the measly price of €5, to replace my re-issue. Actually, I didn't pay a dime for the game, it was rather a present or a donation, depends how you look at it. I was just rather stunned, since usually brand new games sold at the local flea markets for the usual flea market prices are sports or kids' games.

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  1. I don't think it was offline all that long. I've been on every three or four days since the last post and everytime I tried to get on the blog was there.