tiistai 9. huhtikuuta 2013

Maybe I'm in the wrong business...

...Just a brief one, check this out. In October, I wrote an article on some upcoming games I was rooting for at the moment. I also mentioned something about games that hadn't been formally announced, and the following was there somewhere. Pay attention to the underlined part.

"Although I could carry on and on about Batman 3 (I bet you a fifty they're gonna call it Arkham Origins or something just as common) or Fallout 4, not to mention the new, mysterious BioWare installment set in the Mass Effect universe, it'll save a lot of space and time to just talk about titles that have been formally introduced to us on some level bigger than terms of considered plot outlines."



It seems I'm in the wrong business. It also seems some of you owe me a fifty.

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