torstai 19. heinäkuuta 2012

Another series of more or less important updates

An important message from me and King B..
Due to some very conflicted schedules, I have to push RPG Time! a little further. It's only a few weeks 'til b-day, and I simply won't have time to finish up with the three to five RPG reviews I had planned to publish during this month, especially since I've seen only one of these games through prior to this project. The drafts will remain in reserve, and they will see daylight as soon as possible. Instead of hammering in an RPG Time!, I'm pushing on with a few more DLC reviews and guides, and then probably going on a retro run well before, during and after b-day. So, the next week or so will mostly be about revisiting some familiar settings - some better, some worse ones. I'm in the habit of buying every piece of actual DLC for every game I own, regardless if they're my favourite games or not.

The second update is about something I mentioned last time: archiving my reviews. A while back, I moved my collection from here to Listal, and it hasn't worked out for me at all. Neither does a simple list, which I had up here, work for me. Trying to maintain a collection at MobyGames (a site which I generally love) was probably the bitchiest project out of the three. So, for the first time in a couple of years, I spent the morning designing a generic website of my own to store my game collection in a visually impressive, well-organized and informative fashion, and most importantly, on a site where I have exclusive control over all the information. That's something every existing listing site I know of lacks.

I'm getting to it, relax. My girlfriend appointed me to an online organization that has made a business out of selling UNIX accounts to Finnish users at a low price. They have many services available, but the thing I took special note of was that I could get 50GB of webspace at the price of €35 per year. I don't need that much, but I need something - as it seems my old FTP account has been locked down without my consent, although all of the stuff I ever uploaded is still there. It was quite disheartening to find out about this right after finishing the draft for the collection site. Anyway, I sent 'em an application and I should get approval within two weeks. As soon as I get it, my collection will be on display at a web address which will be announced later.

I'm still getting to it. I thought: "50GB..." That's a lot of space - more particularly, a lot of space to create some sort of daughter-site with archived reviews and stuff. I'm still not sure about this, and I know what it sounds like - it sounds like I'm planning to kill the blog and resurrect it as a website, but as I said long ago, I don't know if I have the energy to maintain one. Hell, not so long ago, I had no energy to maintain a largely automated blog. I'm just thinking of some alternatives. The only thing that's certain right now is that the site will house my collection, and I'm going all the way with it, aiming for a thorough database of my games. Kind of like a mini-MobyGames, only better organized and once again, a site that's wholly under my control and administration.

I didn't necessarily HAVE to tell you this, but you know me, I like to share things. Back to the next bundle of DLC reviews I go, have a nice weekend and be sure to go and see The Dark Knight Rises, which opens tomorrow. We already have our tickets and we're pissing ourselves to see how the legend ends.

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