sunnuntai 17. kesäkuuta 2012

My Game Collection is gone...

...The corresponding page is gone from the blog, that is. I moved the collection to Listal today, to come up with the cheapest and most effortless way to make the list look a little more lively. It's not as to-the-last-dot precise as a list of my own, unlimited creation usually is, and I'm not in the mood to list every piece of DLC up there to go with the games, but overall the list is easy to update, read and navigate, and it looks tidy enough. The exact link to my game collection can be found from the remains of the "My Game Collection" page right here on the blog. I'll add PC games as soon as I have the time.

With these recent updates, some of you might be wondering what's up. Well, I'm proud to say I've actually finished writing several reviews, of several wholly different games. I've had a hell of a blast playing some games that have been on my hitlist for a long time - I've bought a crazy amount of them during the last couple of months - and some games that have been totally new and surprising to me. All of the games I've bought or just played recently haven't been good, and that is reflected in the reviews. There's some godly praise, but some of the ugliest, whole new nerd rage I've experienced in years. I think that whenever I get these reviews published online, we're going from end to end. I mean like 1.5 to 9.5. Those ends. I tentatively rated almost every game on Listal, but I was just slapping some of the ratings onto the games; a 1-5 rating system never worked for me, it tells you shit. Don't spend too much time looking at the ratings up there, wait 'til I get those games on the actual review plate to hear the whole sensical truth.

The answer to when these reviews will be up for everyone to read is still a big question mark. I still can't promise to be back at the desk before August, BUT I have thought about returning to active duty a lot lately, as it seems my writer's (and player's) block is gradually fading into nothingness. Maybe a couple of more awesome (or awesomely bad) gaming experiences will unleash the beast for good. We'll see. 'Til then, ka-boom!

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