perjantai 11. toukokuuta 2012

The Feel Good Challenge

My best friend Henri has a blog on his upcoming parenthood - just a couple of months to go! - and he challenged me, among others, to write down ten things that make me feel good right now. Thought I'd share my list here, though I'm not actively blogging at the moment. (Of course there's some video game-related stuff there, though I tried to avoid it to the end.)

Journey is certainly an experience,
just like Flower before it.
1. My girlfriend Pauliina
2. Summer's coming...
3. ...And at the same time, I'm one step closer to not having to join the 27 Club (I survived! Hear that, Jim Morrison? I survived!)
4. Friends
5. Food
6. My recent "promotion", which is more like an expansion of my current duties
7. Buying stuff - what can I say, I'm materialistic
8. Heavy metal
9. Watching Twin Peaks in its entirety for the 15th (?) time
10. thatgamecompany's work towards diversity in video games (been "Journeying" lately)

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