tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2011

The Kong has left the building (almost)

Hey dude(tte)s!

I called in sick today, which is something I hate to do since whenever I have a shift, I'm completely dedicated to it and I have no other plans OR a plan B for the whole day, so in other words: being sick is boring as hell! Well, to comfort myself even a little (as well as you, I hope), I thought to bring you up to speed with this random rant. After all, it's been relatively quiet lately. Far from dead, though. This is because I have a few games on my plate - actually, I'm writing four reviews in conjunction with each other at the moment: the rest of the DK reviews, and... something completely different.

Cranky's not pleased with the ratings.
Donkey Kong is about to join his rival Mario on the VGMania alumni; there are two games to go in the Donkey Kong franchise as of now. If I took the logical way out, I would move on to the next franchise that needs some serious wrap-up work... but I won't do that, not immediately after all's been said and done concerning DK. There are two games, totally unrelated to each other, that are going to be reviewed as soon as I'm done with today's main dish. I know that at the very least, one of them's a game some of you have been expecting me to review for quite some time. By the looks of things, the reviews of these two mystery titles will be some of my favourite - best - work yet. It's too early to say for sure, I'm not nearly done with either one of the games or their reviews. I can tell you this much: they're both of different genres, they are of the current generation of video games, and you could say reviewing them will take care of some loose ends all the same. I was going to postpone reviewing them due to my stubborn focus on retro, but I simply can't do that - gotta strike while the iron is hot, right?

First though, we have to get that loveable ape out of the way. It'll probably be a while before the last two DK reviews kick in, but I believe I'll not only be done with those in a week, but have also delivered the first review of the huge, should I say EPIC, batch coming up.

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